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What to Do in the Event of an Accident.

Oct 10, 2012


Almost every week a client will call us needing help after experiencing an accident.  Although some clients are prepared, others are unaware of the steps to take prior to having accident.  No matter how big or small the accident may seem it is important that you take certain steps to insure you are prepared.

Here are some things that you must do in the event of an auto accident.

1. Stop immediately, but safely.  Do not obstruct traffic.

2. Assist injured. 


4. Secure names, phones numbers and addresses of other drivers, witnesses, and injured persons.

5. Secure make, model and license numbers of all cars involved.  Take pictures if possible.

6. Make a rough drawing of scene, showing position of cars and other details.

7. Never accept claim settlements at scene of accident.

8. Remain calm, courteous and consistent in your version of the accident.

9. NOTIFY YOUR INSURANCE AGENT as soon as possible.

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